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SIIT offers Aiita Approved Courses for all of students.
Ethical Hacking Distance Learning Program-

This Program will cover 14 modules in practical.
Therewill be self study Practical.

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of
ethical hacking and becoming an ethical hacker. The course focuses on
the code of conduct and ethics of attacking systems. The course also
teaches the mindset of the criminal hacker and evolution of the hacker.
Students also gain fundamental understanding and education on the
elements of compromising computer systems for the explicit purposes of
securing them from criminals. The course makes a very clear distinction
between criminal hacking and ethical hacking, and only teaches the latter.
The course then focuses on some fundamentals of system defense,
including configurations and software to prevent unauthorized system
Modules are-

Technical Section:

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* Footprinting        * Google Hacking        * Windows Hacking        * Bios PasswordBreaking                 * Virus & Worms

* Sniffer                * Social Enginering        * Steganography                * Session hijacking                * Email Hacking

*  Blutoth Hacking        *  Mobile Phone Hacking                * Trace                *  Keylogger practise
Ethical Hacking (Security Program)
( A self learning software)

Price :-3000.00        

(including fees for-
Shipping Charge ,
Exam Fee,
Manual Books etc)        

Call Now :-09862025588 (Billing Section)