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Introduction to Ms Word
Microsoft Word 2007
To get started first familiarize yourself with the new set up of Microsoft Word 2007. You
will notice it does not have the regular menu system anymore. It now has tabs and buttons. 1) Office button, 2) Quick Access Toolbar, 3) Tabs, and 4) Ribbon. 4
1. This is the Office button which is similar to the File menu in MW2003. This is also
where you can customize your Quick Access Toolbar.
Office Button-Clicking  this Button you can open, save or print etc of document.
New : By this option you can take new Document page .
Open: Use the Open dialog box to browse to and open a file.
Save As- Click options in the Save As dialog box to save a file to a file name, format, and location that you  specify.
Print :-Using this option you can print a file.(create a hard copy from soft copy )
       Print Preview- Using this option you can see Preview of  page before printing.
b    Home a
Clipboard : Using this group you can Cut/copy the text and paste any where .

Font  : In this Group you can format text in the document.
       How > Step1- Select the text which you want to format.
               Step 2-Now click any Icon (button) of follows.
Paragraph :
       Alignment - Using this group you can align text in the Document.
               How > Step1- Select the text which you want to Align.
               Step 2-Now click left/right/center Alignment Icon button.
       Numbering -
1.        Type any  list. And Select the list you just typed.
2.        Choose the Home tab.
3.        In the Paragraph group, click the down arrow next to the Bullets/Numbering/MultiLeve List  button . The Library appears.
4.        Click to select the type  you want to use.
Line Spacing- Using this Option you can Increase or decrease line Spacing  within
Border & Shading- Using this Option you can  add Border and Shading with Paragraph.
Style : In Microsoft Office Word 2007, Quick Styles are sets of styles that are designed to work together to create an attractive and professional looking document.
Editing : Using this Option you can Find or Replace any word from Paragraph.(same In wordpad)
b    Insert a
In this Tab you can Insert (Add) Pages ,Table ,Picture etc in the Document.

Pages- Using this group you can insert  Page, Cover Page .
And also You can divide one page to two page using Page Break.

1.        Click where you want to insert a table.
2.        On the Insert tab, in the Tables group, click Table, Now  Chose any of follows-
Insert Table- Under Table size, enter the number of columns and rows. Under AutoFit behavior, choose options  
to adjust the table size.
Draw Table- To define the outer table boundaries, draw a rectangle. Then draw the column lines and row lines inside the rectangle.
Quick Tables- You can use table templates to insert a table that is based on a gallery of preformatted tables. Table templates contain sample data to help you visualize what the table will look like when you add your data.
Illustrations :- Using this Group  you can insert picture ,Chart ,Shapes etc .
Link (Hyperlink)- Microsoft Office Word creates a hyperlink for you when you click on text then open linked document  or another file.
How >        Step1- Type any  list. And Select any word   of list you just typed.
Step 2- Choose the Hyperlink Icon from link Group in Insert Tab.
Step-3Now Select File then Click on ok button.
       How to open linked file- Just point to linked list, press "Ctrl key then click .

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