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Introduction to Ms Powerpoint
The MS PowerPoint 2007 interface brings out all the functionality of the software using tabs rather than
drop-down menus. You should get acquainted with the different parts of the main window:

Slide: A content holder for text and images. To insert additional slides click New Slide under
the Slides section of the Home tab. The slide below is called the Title slide where you should
enter the title of your presentation and information related to you, your organization, and
Text box: A box outlined by dotted lines is where you enter your textual content.
Slides tab: A tab located in the left pane named Slides shows mini-versions of your slides
and allows you to view many slides at once.
Outline tab: A tab located in the left pane name Outline that shows mini-versions of your
slides but only the text.
Notes section: The section below the slide where you can write notes relating to the slide.
This can be used by the presenter for practicing the presentation or handed out to the
Status Bar
The Status bar is located at the bottom of the MS PowerPoint window. It displays the current slide (see
1). You may view your document in different ways using the hot buttons to the right of the status bar (see
2): Normal , Slide Sorter , and Slide Show . You can find a description of each of these views in
the discussion on the View ribbon. A slider allows you to zoom in or out of your document
In this study material we describe only new option of the PowerPoint and don't similar to ms word and easiest .
b    Home a
" Slides " Group :-Using this group you can insert New slide in Presentation and also you can delete the slide or change the layout of Presentation.
Drawing Group :-To draw various shape in presentation and to arrange all shapes.
b    Insert a
Slide Number  :-To insert slide No into presentation .
Insert Movie or Sound into Slide :-Insert a video or Audio into the presentation.
b    Design a
Using this Tab You can Design the slide or full presentation.
b    Animation a
Preview-Preview the animation and Slide Transaction you have created for this slide.
Custom Animation -Open the Custom Animation task pane so that you can animate individual objects in your slide.
Transaction  to this slide - Slide transitions are the animation-like effects that occur in Slide Show view when you move from one slide to the next. You can control the speed of each slide transition effect, and you can also add sound.
b    Slide Show a

Start slide Show- In this group using "From Beginning" Start the slide show from Beginning & also from current.
Set Up-You can setup the advanced option using this group for the slide show.
Monitors-You can set the Resolution of your presentation .

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